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'Finest' Pre-Cut Demi Wispies Everyday Lashes - Invisible Lash Band

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Product Description


  • Dollbaby London pre-cut wispies lashes are vegan and ideal for newbies and those who prefer a slight accent lash over a full strip
  • DIY lash extensions have just become a reality!  Precision pre-cut into four segments instead of one whole strip, simplifies the application process, giving you complete control of placement and the volume you want - All from home!
  • Our 'Finest' Pre-Cut lashes are subtle with a tapered shape that goes from shorter at the inner eye and longer at the outer eye.  Beautifully curled tips with low density crisscross feathered fibres that feel so lightweight you'll forget you're wearing them! 
  • Customise it your way; apply all four segments for a full strip lash look, or use one or two segments to accent the outer corners of the eye 
  • Applying 2 or 3 segments will transform you from woke up to made up in minutes!
  • The invisible lash band on each segment melts into your natural lash line, giving you a fast and clean undetectable application
  • Reusable up to 25 times with care

Where to Wear

  • No make-up necessary!  When short on time, apply one or two segments to accent the outer corners of the eye and you'll be stunned by the difference!
  • Great for a quick fix!   
  • How To Apply

  • To be used with our Dollbaby Duo 2-in-1 Eyeliner and Lash Adhesive sold separately
  • How to Apply:

    • Simply; apply Dollbaby Duo 2in1 Eyeliner and Lash Adhesive to your upper lash line as you would a regular eyeliner
    • Apply each segment one at a time by pressing onto the adhesive eyeliner, starting with the outer corners of your eye and work inwards. 
    • Waterproof, smudgeproof, windproof - your lashes will be secure all day.
    • For precise application, we recommend using our Eyelash Applicators or carefully with tweezers

      Note: Adhesive is sold separately.  These lashes are to be used with our Dollbaby Duo Pen in Clear, Black or Brown sold here

      Product pictures are our own so you will get what you see in our images here.  However all of our lashes are made by hand and not machine so some slight variations to be expected

    'Finest' Pre-Cut Demi Wispies Everyday Lashes - Invisible Lash Band

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