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Russian Lash Extensions: Strip & Magnetic

Apply your very own strip Russian lash extensions or magnetic Russian lash extensions at home for a fraction of the cost and no damage to your natural eyelashes. 

Our Russian lashes are made from the lightest fibres, that fan out multiple lashes placed on a single lash strip, creating a bouquet of lashes that mimic salon applied Russian lash extensions.

Get up to 10 x the volume of standard Russian lash extensions, with a weightless feel as though you're wearing nothing at all!

Choose from light and natural or full and flirty, our Russian lashes  will give you that fluffy dense curl that will have everyone thinking you've just stepped out of the salon. 

No long-term commitment of damaging lash extensions!  Just stunning lashes that you can remove and are reuse, time and time again.

If you’re interested in adding fullness and length to your natural lashes, our Russian lash extension lashes are for you.

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